Chase's Who & Why

I was on the brink of falling into depression and anxiety 4 years ago until I found breathwork and meditation to help me completely restore my mindset and energy.

My name is Chase Mangini and I have been utilizing breathwork and meditation in my own life for over 4 years, and facilitating it with my clients for the past year. I discovered breathwork and meditation over 4 years ago while going through the rehabilitation process for an ACL and menisci sports injury. With the inability to walk, exercise, or dress myself came an overwhelming sense of anxiousness and depression that felt out of my control. Luckily for me that's when I latched on to breathwork and meditation to help me rid my anxiousness, positively reset and enhance my mindset, and speed up my physical recovery.

As a former NCAA football player and student at Tufts University, breathwork and meditation are what helped me stay ahead and achieve success in the fast paced and stressful environment of a top-tier university. They are tools that I've implemented on a daily basis which have allowed for more energy, reduced stress, and better performance in all facets of my life.

Now as a certified breathwork and meditation facilitator, I'm on a mission to teach the science-backed breathwork and meditation tools that have made such a profoundly positive impact on my life so that other high performing people can do the same without latching to the unhealthy vices that often control modern-day life.

Chase Mangini

Founder, Hyperform Wellness

  • 8 weeks of intensive breathwork training & facilitation.

  • Mastered 8+ different types of breathwork.

  • Learned the science behind how and why specific breathworks improve mental, physical, & spiritual health.

  • XPT performance breathing coach certified backed by ACE, AFAA, & NASM.

  • Mastered the fundamentals of breathing, and how/why to facilitate specific breathworks for desired performance.

  • Backed & advised by Dr. Andy Galpin, Dr. Belisa Vranich, & Patrick McKeown.