Why Corporate Breathwork?

According to a 2022 Deloitte survey half of all US workers experience anxiety symptoms, and over half have depression symptoms. The American Psychological Association reported that nearly 3 in 5 employees (59%) say that they have experienced the negative impact of work-related stress, and 87% of employees believe that more action from their employers would improve their mental health. The underlying theme amongst corporate America? Mental health continues to become a bigger problem for employees and employers every single year!

Luckily, both breathwork and meditation have been scientifically proven to help decrease feelings of depression, anxiety, and stress.

As a result of the new hybrid and remote style work environments, employees are having a harder time distinguishing the line between work and non-work life. The pressures and stresses of work are now more prevalent in people's homes, apartments, and families. Work, home and social life are beginning to morph into one which is taking a toll on employees mental health. That's why 42% of companies are beginning to invest in 3rd party well-being services for their employees. There is starting to be a greater emphasis on assisting employees mental health, however this is just the beginning.

That's where Hyperform's breathwork and meditation workshops come into play. By using breathwork and meditation with your employees for just 30 minutes to start the week, they will experience greater energy, stronger focus & improved happiness to crush their week ahead! Science is beginning to tell us that something as simple as controlling our breath and mind can lead to improved mental well-being. When we clear out the blockages of stress and anxiousness we make room for greater overall performance in all facets of our lives.

Why Take Action Now?

What your Employees will Learn:

  • How to breathe for increased energy to start their day

  • How to breathe to decrease heart rate and lower blood pressure

  • Breathwork techniques for better sleep

  • Down regulation breathwork to induce feelings of calmness and relaxation

  • Focus driven breathwork to increase feelings of productivity

  • Techniques to make starting to meditate easier

  • Mindful meditation to practice controlling thoughts and emotions

  • Self-growth meditation practices to help employees increase emotional IQ and become better leaders

Corporate Program Options & Costs:

All options start with a coaching consult call to learn about your businesses's goals, values & culture.

Pricing varies depending on if it's via Zoom or in-person, expenses involved, and how many people are participating. Email or Call/Text (858) 361-2570 for more details and booking information.

8 week program

12 week program