Why Personal Breathwork & Meditation Coaching?

Why the Hyperform Program?

The Value You'll Get

  • How to breathe for increased energy to start your day

  • How to breathe to decrease heart rate and lower blood pressure

  • Breathwork techniques for better sleep

  • Down regulation breathwork to induce feelings of calmness and relaxation

  • Focus driven breathwork to increase feelings of productivity

  • Mindful meditation to practice controlling thoughts and emotions

  • Self-growth meditation practices to help you increase emotional IQ and become better leaders

  • Stress & trauma relief through deep breathing and emotional regulation

  • Habit building & goal setting to help you be at your best

Personal Program Options & Costs:

All options start with a coaching consult call to learn about your goals, values & you.

Pricing varies depending on program option. Email or Call/Text (858) 361-2570 for more details and booking information.

8 week program

12 week program

When built in as a continued practice in your life, breathwork and meditation have the abilities to help you decrease stress, manage anxiety, increase energy, strengthen your immune system, and boost productivity. All of these amazing benefits by simply learning how to use your own breath!

Learning how to use breathwork and meditation is another tool that will help enhance your performance in all aspects of your life. You will feel the mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual effects that can take your life to new heights. We grow through inner work, and breathwork and meditation are another set of tools to help you become familiar with your inner self to evolve into your best self.

So, why even choose the Hyperform Wellness personal breathwork coaching program? Well, our founder Chase Mangini has been using the techniques that he teaches in his own life for the last 4+ years. He understands through experience how to use specific techniques, and how to facilitate with his clients in order for them to get the most out of their programs.

The benefits of the breathwork and meditation techniques that we teach are all backed by science and hold real world merit to help positively improve people's health. We aren't here to give you a one-off breathing class and send you on your way. At Hyperform we pride ourselves on helping our clients each week achieve real personal growth to achieve the goals and success that they set for themselves.